Ecommerce Marketplace for Everything but the Ordinary…Co-Founder Mark Dorsey Is On The Positive Phil Show

Mark is the cofounder of, an ecommerce marketplace for everything but the ordinary.

Their business is to help entrepreneurs create their own dream businesses.

They’ve relied on being seller focused first, and the buyers have found their way. Their approach has been to build a non-niche platform for anyone to use to sell online. They want the process to remain accessible and profitable, and for interesting humans to be able to sell interesting products.

They have made it a priority to preserve the culture of availability that ecommerce initially provided. Now, ecommerce is a standardized convenience for most households. Families rely on their Amazon Prime memberships for things as benign as diapers and table salt. This convenience is amazing, but optimizing for convenience exclusively is how culture is eliminated. All those involved, both buyers and sellers, become part of the algorithm instead of humans who are cultivating the growth of a platform, humans who should be appreciated. Ideally, ecommerce will still leave room for the buyer to continue to find treasures, and sellers with treasures will still find it to be profitable to sell.

A small group of entrepreneurs working to empower other entrepreneurs, Bonanza’s goal is not to exist on the same scale as Amazon.

They are on pace, however, to double their GMV (for the third year in a row) by late 2016. Bonanza’s GMV growth has been over 4x that of Amazon’s the past two years, and the Q2 results suggest the same trend.

Mark is currently the COO of’s Background Burner as well.

Tips for staying positive.
A brief adventure into how the company was founded and why. How do you keep your employees thinking positively?

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