Effective financial communications

Effective financial communication of a company’s performance can affect its share price performance and cost of capital.

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Over the last decade Positive Stocks has grown into one of the leading media buyers in the financial advertising industry. Our focus is simply exceeding our client’s ROI expectations. We run CPM, CPC and CPA offers. We also manage investor awareness campaigns for small cap publicly traded companies.

Build Your Investor Base. Grow Sales. Save Time.

As an online marketer in the financial communications and investor relations industry. You face a conundrum. Every minute you spend working behind the scenes on your shareholder base is a minute you can’t spend working with new investors or sharing your expertise with the world. You need a strategy and the right tools that can help build your investor list, grow sales and save time.

Here’s how to make it happen:

Score Investor Leads, Grow Shareholder Base Referrals

Send the right message at the right time to investors- automatically. Behavior-based triggers deliver personal follow-up communications that help convert leads into customers and investors into raving fans.

Centralize and Automate

Combine your contact manager, e-commerce, marketing, and social media tools into one easy-to-use online platform. Everything works together so you don’t have to waste time transferring data between systems.

Increase Productivity! Increase Your NOBO Base.


WHY CHOOSE POSITIVE STOCKS ? It’s because our technology is more than a promise. Proven by successful companies worldwide who’ve used POSITIVE STOCKS to build their shareholder base and achieve spectacular results.

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