Fastest Growing Fintech Company Creame Finance on The Investor Podcast

Matiss Ansviesulis,CEO of Cream Finance joins us on the Positive Phil Show…Matiss is Co-founder of the fastest growing European Fintech Creamfinance, providing personal finance products in emerging markets.

After completing studies at Lancaster University’s Management School and working as a business analyst for JP Morgan in London, he founded Creamfinance in 2012 based on a vision to implement an innovative data-driven consumer finance company.

Creamfinance is ranked second in the Inc. 5000 Europe list with an impressive revenue growth.

We chat about the following:

What are the challenges that Creamfinance faces and how do you see your future?

Matiss is passionate about entrepreneurship and is sharing his experience both talking in conferences and online on his blog, what is your aim with that?

Personal Blog: