Funding Strategiest John Livesay Helps CEO’s Craft Compelling Investor Pitches

Crack The Funding Code. As a funding strategist, John Livesay helps CEOs craft a compelling pitch that engages investors in a way that inspires them to join a startup’s team.

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He is partners with Judy Robinett in Crack The Funding Code which gets founders funded fast. He hosts The Successful Pitch podcast with investors from around the world. He is the Pitch Mentor at, the number one accelerator in Upstate New York. INC magazine calls him the Pitch Whisperer.

During John’s successful 20 year career in media sales with Conde Nast, he worked across all 22 brands in their corporate division and won salesperson of the year. John is the author of “The Successful Pitch: Conversations On Going From Invisible To Investable.”
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I’m known as “The Pitch Whisperer” and have appeared on outlets such as Forbes, CBS, Fox, ABC, and Inc. Also have been a guest on over 20 podcasts like Onward Nation and EOFire

Example Questions: What excites you most about the business…about your life.What does your day consist of? What apps or tools do you rely on the most? Any Suggestions on How to Balance Work and Social Life..Do you enjoy life to its fullest? Tips to staying positive?

1) How do you learn to ask for what you want and get a yes?

2) how do you get your confidence to go up ?

3) How do you go from invisible to investable?

4) How to you conquer the 3 faces of fear?
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