Great Garbage Patch Is An Island Of Garbage- The CEO of Reefill is On the Mission

Jason Pessel is CEO of Reefill, an app-enabled network of water refill stations where members can fill their reusable bottles with cold, filtered tap water on the go — it’s the low-cost, eco-friendly alternative to bottled water.

Using the Reefill app (available for iPhone and Android) members locate the nearest station in local businesses like coffee shops, activate it with their smartphone’s Bluetooth, and fill their bottle with cold, filtered water in seconds. Monthly memberships cost $1.99, or the price of just one bottled water, and provide unlimited refills at any of our stations; annual plans cost $19.99.

Last year Reefill took part in the Think Beyond Plastic accelerator and this summer was awarded a Greent Grant from NYU to help set up a pilot network around campus, which launched at the end of August. Reefill recently won first prize in the New York StartUp Business Plan Competition, run by the New York Public Library and Citi Foundation, and was selected as one of five finalists in Techweek’s NY Launch Startup Launch Competition.

Jason has 10 years’ management consulting experience, an MBA from NYU, and a BA from Yale.The Reefill app is available from the App Store ( and Google Play (

Positive Phil listeners can enjoy a month trial of Reefill with the promo code FREEMONTH.

We Chat About the Following:

-What inspired you to create this business?
-What is wrong with bottled water?
-How does Reefill solve this problem?
-How did you manage to convince all of these businesses to host a Reefill station?
-What stage are you at now?
-What are your next steps?

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