Investor Influence Programs for Ventures That Want More Investors To Find Them

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“building relationships with social influencers within specific verticals and industries” …Helping the very best brands, publishers, and agencies promote their content.
Who are your influencers?

You may have reached out to clients in the past and asked them to be referrals for you. But, influencing is more than an individual endorsement. Influencers have the power to sway groups of people.

What to look for:

Credibility. Your Influencers are individuals who others find reliable, believable and authoritative. As important, these individuals have a built-in trust with others.
Authenticity. Your Influencers are genuine. They are individuals who are the real deal and there is an expectation that what they say is truthful and legitimate.
Relevancy. Your Influencers are important because what they say is applicable to you. Their knowledge of who you are and what you do have meaning and significance to others.
Your influencers have a solid following or community that is engaged.