Jack Porter is President and CEO of Razorthink

Jack Porter is President and CEO of Razorthink. He is an 8-time Founder, successfully exiting with 6 acquisitions and 2 IPOs. He has over 30 years of experience in technology startups and an extensive background in supercomputers, sophisticated analytics, and advanced mathematics.

He has applied his work in several vertical industries including: Technology, Financial Services, and Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Porter also runs the Startup Accelerator for Razorthink and works with early stage startups on strategy, leadership, product management, development, and financing. He has mentored over a 100 startups, several that went on to become very big successes. Jack believes that Artificial Intelligence is not only going to disrupt businesses in a massive way, but also change peoples lives.

Currently, Razorthink is working on some really incredible projects, including our flagship product, Big Brain, which is a business brain based on a hybrid deep learning platform. The platform leverages many patent pending technologies including: model selector, prediction optimizer, model of the world, embedded turk, and network topology optimizer. We work with top companies in many industries, including: banking, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and logistics. We also partners with many technology companies to provides embedded brains within their technology solutions.

How do you see AI changing businesses and peoples lives? What industries will benefit most from AI? How do you successfully run a company and balance everyday life? Can you explain the difference between AI and machine learning?


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