Lensabl will make going to the Optometrist or ever stepping foot inside a LensCrafters Obsolete!

Andy Bilinsky, Co-Founder of a company in the massive Optical Industry. www.lensabl.com
They are in a rapidly evolving age of consumer experience and convenience — and unfortunately, today’s optical industry is just not meeting those standards. Transportation, food, and even laundry services can easily be summoned with the press of a few buttons — but what about prescription lenses for your glasses?

Lensabl is the easiest prescription lens service that exists. Customers get the lenses they need, in their own frames — without leaving home.
With over 150mm prescription eyewear wearers in the US alone, it’s no surprise that lenses are the largest category in the vision care market with double digit growth year over year. Sales for prescription lenses in the US alone were almost $11B in 2013, compared to sales for plano (non-prescription) sunglasses at just $3.5B.

Lensabl will make going to the Optometrist or ever stepping foot inside a LensCrafters obsolete!Mainly we just want to talk about the value proposition of the business and get the concept out there to potential customers

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