Personal Development Entrepreneur Randy Haveson;Speaker, Author and Founder Chats With Positive Phil

Randy Haveson – The guy who teaches “how to drink”. Randy Haveson is the founder of The Rise Organization and Party With a Plan.

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Finally A Speed Limit For Drinking!

Alcohol education has been replaying the same message for the past 40 years. The two main messages are “Just say no” or “Be Responsible.” But what does that mean? How do you know what responsible is?

It’s time we had a new message, a real message, one that works! Party With A Plan® program and books using the Know the Code 0-1-2-3® guideline gives people who choose to drink the tools they need to use alcohol in a safe and low risk manner. Just as a speed limit tells us how fast we can drive and be safe, Party With A Plan® guidelines do the same thing for drinking.

Party With A Plan® alcohol education risk reduction program is revolutionizing the way people look at the consumption of alcohol. This method is non-threatening, sensible, honest, and logical. Even non-drinkers appreciate the message! Born out of experience and research from the guy that teaches you how to drink, Randy Haveson, M.A.

About Randy Haveson, Owner and Founder of The RISE Organization.

While Randy has his M.A. in counseling and is an addiction expert, he likes to say he has a PhD in Personal Experience. Sober since 1984 he is a 25-year veteran in the field of substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery. Haveson works with students and professionals at campuses throughout the country including The University of Notre Dame, Brown University, and Johns Hopkins University. His innovative alcohol education program has been featured on CNN Headline News, Fox News Network, The Ricki Lake show, and on numerous radio stations across the country.

Randy’s story is personal.

While a junior at San Diego State he was friends with denial and better friends with disaster. His party life collided into his personal life: Spiraling out of control, he was expelled for the second time, exchanging family and friends for alcohol and other drugs.

On May 16, 1984, Randy decided to end this chaotic cycle and call it quits on life. His world shifted upon seeing his reflection in the bathroom mirror and making eye contact with the broken soul staring back at him. He realized that all these years he was told to “just say no” but; no one taught him what to do when he realized he had a problem. Randy knew he couldn’t do it alone, so he asked for help and it saved his life. From that point on, Randy decided to help others walk down the path of life armed with courage over fear.

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