Cannabis Awareness Campaigns

We are running the following strategy for cannabis investor lead generation.

This is the quick breakdown.
1. Investors Search on Google or other search engines
“best cannabis stocks” “cannabis stocks” “pot stocks” and of course “top penny stocks” “best penny stocks” best cannabis penny stocks” etc…
Here are screen shots on how many people search these terms each month.
Remember,  Cannabis Investors are searching those keywords, and thats your hard to reach audience.
2. We run these ads on google, yahoo, bing and other search sites going after those keywords. We also run ads on affiliate financial sites. 
We run bidding strategies to get the best rate and conversions through a pay per click model.  Our campaigns are managed by machine learning, a.ka. programmatic advertising.  
3. We would then set up a landing page on Positive Stocks featuring your company, we would also drive them to your website/investor page.  
This is an example landing page.
Again, Investors search online best cannabis stocks, pot stocks etc… we pay to have ads on the top of the page for the investors to opt in.  Investors learn more about the stock once at our landing page. 
4. We share all analytics on a weekly basis. 
On this specific search, we can drive 2K investors daily to your stock.  They are penny stock biotech investors looking for a gem.
We will also feature your stock in our newsletter because we have this type of program going on constantly to build our subscriber base. 
We have to pay for the ads, and manage the program. If I owned a public company, I would run this program everyday to build the NOBO List.
This is a quick video explaining the process better.
Just wanted to share with you.