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Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Display, Video  and Audio Ads.    Real Time Bidding Platform on a network of direct websites that serve cannabis ads to be seen by your potential customer and investors.We use advanced retargeting and geofencing technology ensures that your ads are in front of people in the right geography at the right time.

Influence Marketing & Digital Public Relations

Utilizing platforms such as Ninja Outreach and Intelllifluence to reach out to micro and macro influencers within this space.   We gear our campaigns to hit investors and industry influencers. Getting others within this industry with Klout to mention the company/stock. 

Investor Lead Generation (audience expander)

200M profiles from public social media data. Based on lifestyle and identified,  user segments that self-identify interest in content/investment.

Stock Call Options Strategy for the Risk-Averse Investor

This article educates investors considering options trading. It works the reader through call options and using them to sell stock being held in an account. The example shows how selling call options can be preferable and more profitable than using GTC, Good Till Canceled, orders. 

Pick Better Stocks with the Voss Earnings Yield Rule of Thumb

Finding undervalued stocks is a major investment strategy and investors use a variety of tools to do it, including the P/E and PEG ratios. Unfortunately, many of these tools often lead investors to dangerous stock picks. Instead, this article explains how to use a new rule of thumb, first proposed in The Journal of Private Equity, that finds undervalued stocks by comparing the earnings yield of a stock to reinvestment and earnings growth rates. | 

Five Alternative Investment Opportunities You Probably Don’t Know Exist

This article discusses five alternative investments that most investors aren’t familiar with. It covers peer-to-peer real estate lending, investing in diamonds, leasing shipping containers, website investment and investing in commercial forested land. This article would make a good novelty or general interest article for a finance website to get investors to think outside of the box when it comes to how they allocate their capital.

How to Become a Better Investor

It’s important to protect yourself from unnecessary risk when investing. By adopting these five basic principles, you can make smarter, more profitable, investments. This article lists five tips for becoming a better investor.

The 5 Essential Metrics for Value Investors

When investing in stocks, it’s prudent to have as many metrics at your disposal as possible. By considering data from several sources, you can make a more informed decision. This article lists five of the most essential metrics for value investors.

How to Choose Stocks Using the CANSLIM Method

Knowing which shares are likely to increase in price is a valuable skill to have. The CANSLIM method can help investors identify high-potential stocks. This article lists the seven elements of the CANSLIM method.

How to Calculate the Value of Stocks

Knowing the true value of a stock is crucial to making a wise financial decision. It’s relatively simple to estimate whether a stock is over or undervalued. This article lists four ways to calculate the value of stocks.

There’s More to Risk Than Volatility: How to Invest Beyond Speculation

Many investors think of volatility and risk as one and the same, but this hides many other risk factors. Worse, by assuming volatility and risk are the same investors miss undervalued stocks primed for growth. This article encourages investors to look past simple definitions of risk, and points them toward long-term value investing strategies like those used by Warren Buffet.

Five Stocks with High Dividend Yields

When searching for stocks to invest in a high dividend yield is always an attractive feature. Though any buy and sell decisions are ultimately up to each individual investor, it can help to know where to look. This article provides an overview of five stocks that offer a high dividend yield.

How to Get Started in the Market for New Investors

Where should a new investor start if they want to get into the market? This is a big question, but the answer might be simpler than most people think. Here are some strategies to consider if you are making your first investment along with some ideas for building wealth in the markets.

The Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrencies

Researching cryptocurrencies can be a slog. There’s so much information out there when sometimes you just need a basic breakdown. Here are the basic advantages and disadvantages of investing in cryptocurrencies. All the basics you need to decide if they’re the right investment for you.

Top 3 Dividend Etfs

This article examines why Investors should consider investing in dividend ETFs. The article explores three leading ETFs that target dividend investing. Each ETF’s basic metrics such as assets under management, expense ratio and performance are considered. The article concludes with a summarizing paragraph.

Top 3 Technology Etfs

This article examines why Investors should consider investing in the technology sector in 2017. The article explores three leading technology ETFs that investors could consider. Each ETF’s basic metrics such as assets under management, expense ratio and performance are considered. The article concludes with a summarizing paragraph.

Top 5 Bank ETFs to Invest In Today

The prospect of decreased regulation has driven up stocks in the banking and financial services sector. As such, now is a particularly good time to invest in a bank ETF, but with so many options out there it is hard to know which ETF is the right one for your investment dollars. This article looks at the top five ETFs that track bank stocks, with specific information looking at how each ETF is weighted, what its annualized and YTD returns are, and the amount of assets each one carries.


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