Monday, February 26, 2024

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Being Successful In Life Today With A Millionaire’s Mindset Means Reprogramming The Subconscious

Are you on the right track to achieve success? Stop for a while, take a look at the map, see the directions, consult somebody or look for assistance.After that start your journey towards the ways to be successful with full self-confidence.I mean do so without the tiniest doubt of being derailed.Their tracks are entirely different from each other leading to various destinations; the location of success and the location of...

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Learning From Peter Lynch – Part III

Peter Lynch's "One Up On Wall Street" talk comprehensively about what kind of stocks one should pick. In general, Peter believes that bigger companies tend to make smaller move and vice versa. Therefore, in spotting what he called a 'ten bagger', or stock that has risen ten times in value, it will occur more likely in smaller company with market capitalization of say less than $ 10 Billion.Peter Lynch also...

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Flying Car Stocks to Watch

Companies and initiatives involved in the development of flying cars or urban air mobility (UAM) include: Uber Elevate (now Uber Air): Uber was exploring the concept of flying cars for its Uber Air service, which aimed to provide on-demand air transportation in urban areas. Terrafugia: An American company working on the development of the Transition, a roadable aircraft that can convert between driving and flying modes. PAL-V: A Dutch company...

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