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Positive Stocks is a capital market services & financial communications firm based out of San Diego,CA with a proven track record of positively identifying and launching quick-coverage of highly potential small cap & mid cap stocks at an early stage. We review potential positive catalysts that might push stocks higher. Follow us for investment news, expert views, insights & commentary.



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Positive Stocks prepares extensive due diligence on highlighted companies, as well as interviews with the management team of companies and unique visionary insight into upcoming investable trends.

Positive Stocks is an investment newsletter subscription service that lets readers learn about new featured investments, tracking of current and past investment features, media appearances and advance notice of private placement financings in positive opportunities.


Investor Awareness/Investor Relations and Demand Generation firm specializing in shareholder and consumer base lead generation. Positive Stocks successfully integrates digital public relations, digital media relations, social media, investor relations and brand marketing in every single client relationship.


Positive Stocks is a capital markets development firm.  Focused on enhancing investor awareness for small-to-mid cap, emerging growth and already established companies.

A full-service Strategic Management Consulting firm for private and publicly traded companies, brokerages, crowdfunding platforms, private investment firms, hedge institutional funds, market makers, with customized Investor Demand Generation programs to generate awareness within the investment community.

Positive Stocks has strategically worked with companies in a wide variety of industries and verticals since 2005. Working with small and micro-cap public companies trading on the TSX, TSX-V, CNQ, AMEX, Nasdaq, CSE,OTCBB Markets, Pink Sheets, AIM, and Frankfurt.

We’ll analyze your business, find the areas that need to be improved and come up with a game plan to boost your revenue. 

Positive Stocks Uses Technology and Investor Data To Generate Investor Awareness. We have the ability to ramp up conservatively, moderately and aggressively …

Competition to attract new investors is intense and difficult. As a result, successful companies are turning to demand generation strategies as a tool to attract new investors.Today’s investors and consumers are heavily influenced by content presented on Digital Media. More purchase decisions start online now than ever before (including buying stocks and investing.

Whether for yourself, your company, or your clients – if you want to make sure you have accurate investor awareness representation, we can help.The latest IR /  INVESTOR RELATIONS best practices, including tips on how to create a shareholder marketing plan, and target and reach new investors. …

Specializing in Emerging Growth Small Cap Investor Relations Services Since 2005
Investor Demand Generation Strategies

•Improves Liquidity
•Strengthens Market Valuation
•Raise Capital
•Create More Revenue
•Increase Sales

The Positive Stocks Consulting philosophy is that investor awareness is an ongoing project with quick results. We are relationship driven and results oriented.  Our goal is to select the right clients and to concentrate our resources and efforts to serve a limited number of high-quality clients.

We provide weekly reports reflecting measurable results.Innovative and aggressive investor demand generation programs are designed to create awareness.

Most small-cap and micro-cap companies practice passive investor relations. They release news, develop websites and respond to inquiries from potential investors. Positive Stocks takes it to a new level with digital investor marketing and consumer marketing.

 improving the investor lead generation process – catering to the needs of the investor during their due diligence and evaluation process.

  • Investor Lead Generation
  • Investor Data Aggregation
  • Investor Lead Nurturing
  • Investor Lead Scoring

We are selective in the companies that we choose to represent. Engaging with companies that have super compelling stories, strong growth potential, near-term profitability, and superior management.

Positive Stocks offers strategic investor relations services to its clients using a variety of marketing strategies designed to communicate their clients’ company history and business plan to the appropriate institutional and retail investment professionals.

Positive Stocks Consulting group’s philosophy is that “investor relations is an ongoing project“. To that end, the company is relationship driven and results oriented. They strive to accomplish their goal of selecting the right clients for their services and concentrating their resources and efforts on only a limited number of high-quality clients.The Positive Stocks Consulting model employs a variety of conventional and non-conventional programs and tools to communicate your company’s story and increase your exposure.

Investor Awareness-In our industry, we saw an unfulfilled need that clients were no longer seeing proper exposure while dealing with traditional agencies.

•Social Media Visibility Programs 
•Performance Bases Marketing

•Investor Demand Generation
•Investor Lead Generation (lead nurturing,lead scoring)
•Revenue Marketing/SEO/SEM
•Online Reputation Management
•Product/Brand Launches

Investor Leads

We are publishers and advertisers for the financial industry. We are affiliate marketers that use online marketing along with direct response investor lead generation to create retail buying for our clients. Using platforms such as ClickSure, OfferVault and Click Fire..We are able to generate hundreds of thousands of investor leads within hundreds of verticals.

Positive Stocks provides managed investor lead generation services to our clients. From planning and strategy to execution and analysis, our performance based solution is the right choice to meet your investor lead generation objectives.

Explore the range of financial segments that we currently serve, and discover the features of our technology and capabilities below.

• CPL (Cost Per Lead)

• CPM (Cost Per Thousand, or Display)

• CPC (Cost Per Click)

• Email (CPM)

Our solutions are available for financial services companies of all sizes and budgets. Consulting services are additionally offered to assist with marketing plan & funnel creation for our clients.
Stock traders are interested in new strategies, newsletters, and education.

Before a lead is submitted, we actively filter false information and discard invalid leads.

Newcomers to forex trading are seeking educational material.

The significant growth of options among investors over the past several years has options traders seeking education, strategies, and newsletter services.

Investors and traders are always looking for new brokers in an effort to reduce their commission cost, and to harness the latest trading platforms and technology available.

We offer several different methods of lead delivery including daily bulk transfer (CSV),
Investors who participate in self-directed investing are seeking the stability of managed mutual funds

Investors allocate risk capital for special opportunity investments, traditionally stocks poised for substantial gains in the Pink Sheet and OTC exchanges.

Powerful, yet flexible reporting solutions allow us to gauge the effectiveness and profitability of your lead generation campaign and make strategic enhancements

Active traders generate multiple trades usually on an intraday basis across the major markets. Active traders generally seek the best technology, advisories, and lower commissions

If you require design services, we can provide assistance with display collateral, representing your offer, product, or service at a competitive rate.


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We advise private companies in taking them public in the US capital market thru reverse-mergers (RTO’s) and providing capital formation via debt/equity financing thru our large network of accredited investors, institutions, funds, banks, underwriters, and lenders. We offer proprietary methods that are the best and least expensive way for smaller companies to go public with a capital raise along with extensive investor awareness (IR/PR) programs that ensure liquidity, public valuation, and an orderly market for a company’s security. Investor Awareness, Investor Digital PR Programs for Private and Public Companies Looking to Grow Their Shareholder Base.

After 20 years of experience in the US Capital Markets, including developing strategic trading methods on trading options for Leveraged Buyouts, we offer our capital advisory services to a large number of diverse micro and small cap companies. We have extensive experience in a wide range of industries – having assisted in over 100+ IPO’s, secondaries, and ppm’s.

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