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Positive Stocks is a comprehensive Strategic Management Consulting firm catering to both private and publicly traded companies. We specialize in tailoring customized programs to enhance visibility within the financial community.

Positive Stocks operates as a financial newsletter and stock investment portal, dedicated to uncovering undervalued penny stocks with significant upside potential and minimal downside risk.

Since 2005, Positive Stocks has strategically partnered with companies spanning a diverse range of industries and verticals. Our collaborative efforts have extended to small and micro-cap public companies trading on various stock exchanges, including TSX, TSX-V, CNQ, AMEX, Nasdaq, OTCBB Markets, Pink Sheets, AIM, and Frankfurt.

Our Approach Delivers:

  • Enhanced Liquidity
  • Strengthened Market Valuation
  • Capital Raising Opportunities
  • Increased Revenue Generation
  • Augmented Sales Performance

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We provide weekly reports that offer tangible evidence of our impact. Our innovative and proactive investor demand generation initiatives are meticulously crafted to raise awareness effectively.

While many small-cap and micro-cap companies tend to follow a passive approach to investor relations by merely disseminating news, developing websites, and responding to inquiries, Positive Stocks elevates this practice by integrating digital investor marketing and consumer marketing strategies.

We specialize in enhancing the investor lead generation process, catering to investors’ needs throughout their due diligence and evaluation stages. Our services encompass Investor Lead Generation, Investor Data Aggregation, Investor Lead Nurturing, and Investor Lead Scoring.

Positive Stocks is your go-to destination for strategic investor relations services. Our consulting model incorporates a diverse range of both conventional and unconventional programs and tools. Our primary goal is to effectively communicate your company’s narrative and amplify your exposure in the market.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Investor Awareness
  • Social Media Visibility Programs
  • Performance-Based Marketing
  • Investor Demand Generation
  • Investor Lead Generation (including lead nurturing and lead scoring)
  • Revenue Marketing, SEO, SEM
  • Online Reputation Management

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Headquarters: San Diego, CA

At Positive Stocks, we recognize the unmet need in our industry. We understand that clients often struggle to achieve the exposure they desire when dealing with traditional agencies. That’s why we’ve designed our services to go above and beyond, ensuring that your company receives the visibility it deserves in the financial landscape.

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