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We get ventures found by investors, consumers and specific industry influencers. We make introductions to broker dealers & capital.

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Positive Stocks presents interviews with CEOs of leading small cap companies. 

“PositiveStocks is the source for small-cap stock coverage, research, and analysis.”

We advise private companies in taking them public in the US capital market thru reverse-mergers (RTO’s) and providing capital formation via debt/equity financing thru our large network of accredited investors, institutions, funds, banks, underwriters, and lenders. We offer proprietary methods that are the best and least expensive way for smaller companies to go public with a capital raise along with extensive investor awareness (IR/PR) programs that ensure liquidity, public valuation, and an orderly market for a company’s security. Investor Awareness, Investor Digital PR Programs for Private and Public Companies Looking to Grow Their Shareholder Base.

After 20 years of experience in the US Capital Markets, including developing strategic trading methods on trading options for Leveraged Buyouts, we offer our capital advisory services to a large number of diverse micro and small cap companies. We have extensive experience in a wide range of industries – having assisted in over 100+ IPO’s, secondaries, and ppm’s.