This China Tech Stock is Ready for a Breakout

Luokung Technology Corp. (LKCO) Stock: Why It’s Headed For The Top

Luokung Technology Corp. (LKCO) is headed up in the market today. The company, one that is focused on the technology space, is currently priced at $6.53 after a move up of 5.96% so far in today’s session. As it relates to tech companies, there are quite a few aspects that have the ability to lead to movement in the market. One of the most common is news.  READ MORE


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About Luokung Technology Corp.

Luokung Technology Corp. is one of global leading spatial-temporal big-data processing technology company and a leading interactive location-based services company in China. The core brands of the Company are “Luokuang” and “SuperEngine”. “Luokuang” is a mobile application to provide B2C services and “SuperEngine” provides B2B and B2G services in connection with Spatial-Temporal big data. The Company’s mobile application LuoKuang, provides location- based interaction services for users based on the world’s first non-slicing, full-vector and full-function mobile internet map, it also provides SDK embedded services to third-party mobile application providers based on its full-vector and non-slicing mobile internet map. The Company provides completed DaaS, SaaS and PaaS services in relation to spatial-temporal big data internet and internet of things relying on its proprietary patented spatial-temporal cloud indexing technology, in fields including but not limited to HD Map, 3D Map, Internet Application Map, Satellite Remote Sensing Data and Real-time trajectory. For more information please go to

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How entrepreneurs can deal with anxiety and burnout

Life of entrepreneurs and launch of a new business are often romanticised in media. We see ready products, read stories of success and rarely discuss the struggles every founder inevitably goes through.

Anxiety, burnout and a drop in motivation are more common among entrepreneurs than one might think. Early stages of business are usually full of uncertainty and require a strong character to go through them successfully. Low points, however, are not the fanciest topics to talk about, and very few business leaders would admit them publicly. But it is exactly when entrepreneurs need support the most – when they are still at the beginning of their journey, yet maybe just a step away from their biggest breakthrough.

Entrepreneurial burnout can either turn into a life-long regret or into a refreshingly new launching pad. It is not the lack of challenges but how we deal with them what makes a success story.

I asked fellow online entrepreneurs what they do when anxiety and lack of motivation take over, and here is the advice they gave me:

  1. Change your surroundings

Whether you work from home, in an office or a co-working space, most likely the majority of your time is spent at one spot. Try to change your environment – go to a coffee shop, a library, a park, or if possible, even to another country. Simply a different window view can break your habitual thinking pattern and show a new perspective on current matters.

2. Remember where you’ve started and how far you’ve come

It’s easy to lose motivation when you feel that there is no progress in your work and you don’t see tangible results right away. You should never forget, however, where you’d started from and how much you accomplished since. Not all accomplishments can be “calculated” – it can be simply invaluable experience and personal growth. Besides, never ignore the power of failure.

3. Spend time with people who inspire you

Humans are social beings, and even introverts can benefit from breaking their solitude. Try to surround yourself with people who are motivated, driven and who believe in themselves. You will notice how contagious their energy is.

4. Allow yourself a break

You can take some unplanned time off and spend it at home with the family, head into the wild or do whatever feels right. The most important part is to “switch off” – to pause your work routine for a while or to delegate it. A break will let you look at the same things with a fresh mind.

5. Write down WHY you are doing what you are doing

There is always a reason why entrepreneurs embark on their journey. It can be a desire to be your own boss, a search for flexibility, an urge to get to infinite earnings and not be capped by an average salary, or simply a desire to make this world a better place. Remembering your WHY is a very powerful motivation boost

  1. Learn meditation

Latest research shows that meditation boosts mental well-being and improves focus and self-control. Meditation is something I have personally benefited tremendously from, and it is how I start my daily morning routine.

7. Disconnect regularly

Whatever your business niche is, most likely you spend 90% of your day in front of the screens of all sizes. Being constantly online brings a lot of unnecessary clutter and noise in your head. It can demotivate, prompt to compare yourself to others and simply take you off track. Disconnecting even for one full day can become a needed productivity boost and give you the energy that you so much in need of.

8. Exercise and spend time outdoors

Exercise has the power to reduce stress and refresh your mind. Moreover, physical activities release endorphins, which create positive feeling in the body and boost self-esteem. There is a reason why highly successful people include sports activities in their daily routines.

Growing your own business is not an easy, but is the most rewarding journey. It is inevitable and normal to have “low points” and experience lack of motivation at times. It is the way you deal with those challenges that will determine your success. Luckily, the secret to staying motivated, focused and productive can be much simpler than you think. Make time for yourself and your personal well-being – you’ll be surprised how much your business will benefit from it.

About Anastasia Sharova

Anastasia Sharova is the founder of Happy Bellyfish (Online Healhty Cooking School) and the creator of Happily Globalized Blog. As an entrepreneur, a dedicated yoga practitioner and a mother, she believes that physical and mental health are the foundation of true success.


Happy Bellyfish (Online Healhty Cooking School)


this hemp stock is ready for a breakout


EXACTUS INC is “One to Watch in 2019"

  • About Exactus:
    Exactus, Inc., is a healthcare company pursuing opportunities in two distinct business segments, Hemp derived, Cannabidiol, which is more commonly referred to as CBD. Industrial hemp is a type of cannabis, defined by the federal government as having THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content of 0.3 percent or less. That amount has not been shown to make a person feel “high.” THC is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis.  The company is also developing point of care diagnostics. 

  • For more information about Exactus:  




Learn More About The Sector Estimated to be Worth Over $21 billion.

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Stay in Touch software is primarily used to: (1) facilitate executive and company participation in industry and event-based roundtables and conferences; (2) create and distribute audio-and video based content related to a particular private or public company or an industry in which a company conducts business; (3) append interview-related and other rich media content to traditional press releases; and (4) for registered investment professionals only, to add interview-based audio content to financial research. content is distributed to millions of individuals online and over 40,000 financial professionals, including North American and international buy-side analysts, investment research professionals and portfolio managers. All content is copyrighted to protect licensing partners.

Cannabis Stocks to Buy

Medical Marijuana and the States
that Allow it

Do you have a heath condition that medical marijuana can
help you with? Do you want to know if your ailment is treatable with medical
marijuana? If yes, you can consult a licensed
medical marijuana doctor who will tell you if you need marijuana treatment.
A good doctor will tell you both sides of the story. That is the advantages as
well as side effects of taking medical marijuana.

Among many other diseases and ailments, medical marijuana is
said to be effective for cancer, chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis, seizures,
HIV or AIDS, eating disorders, migraine, etc.  

In US there are 16 states and DC that has
marijuana for its medical properties. The states are:

  • Arizona
  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • California
  • Delaware
  • DC
  • Hawaii
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Montana
  • New Jersey
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Washington

Each state has its own rate and
laws regarding the possession limit, both in terms of the medicine itself and
the number of plants these patients can grow in their own homes. Some of these
states accept other states’ registry card while some don’t. So if you a patient
on medical marijuana treatment, and you are moving to another state make sure
you find out if your existing card will help you in that state. Otherwise, you
will have to go through the process again in the new state to get a new medical
marijuana card.

Each state again has its own
approved conditions that determine if the patient is eligible for medical
marijuana. Whichever state you are in, it is advisable that you do a proper
research so that you are within the legal boundary. 

Cannabis Stocks

Medical marijuana has been found to be very effective for
pain. In addition to other ailments and diseases like cancer, brain injury
resulting from strokes, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, HIV or AIDS, etc where
this plant has been found to be helpful in treating them, pain management is
also singing praises of medical marijuana.

One of the most common reasons why people use medical
marijuana is chronic pain. The different types of pain includes back pain,
fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Sciatica, neck pain, and many more. The
pain becomes unbearable and patients crave for some respite. Despite having
endless painkillers, the pain doesn’t stay away for long. For these patients,
medical marijuana has become a boon and they are greatly benefiting from this

Research has shown that cannabis has not only reduced the
pain, but also helped people deal better with the unpleasant feelings. This
plant has the ability to reduce the nerve pain as well as calm people’s
emotions. Pain is not a secluded entity. It affects the body as well as the
emotions. So when patients suffer from pain, they also feel low. While most of
the pain medications rely on their tranquilizing effects, cannabis deals with
the frail emotions as well as with the pain of the patients. Because of this
more and more businesses and products are coming up to support medical
marijuana. This is why the cannabis stocks are rising.

If you want to make some serious money in the present
economic scenario, you must consider cannabis stocks. 

About Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is said to have medical benefits that can help
patients with HIV or AIDS, glaucoma, cancer, multiple sclerosis, cachexia, and
even cases with symptoms like seizure, aftereffects like nausea after
chemotherapy, consistent muscle spasms, severe pain, etc. Apart from these,
medical marijuana is also considered to be apt in treating eating disorders,
brain injury resulting from stroke, and also arthritis. If a patient is suffering
from any of these, he or she will be issued a medical marijuana card to be
eligible for the medical marijuana treatment. But the licensed doctor will
carry out a thorough medical examination before recommending medical marijuana.

With the medical marijuana card, patients can legally buy
this plant medicine. The law however is quite stern when it comes to medical
marijuana. To prevent abuse of this plant, the law has set restrictions and
limitations on its usage.

The next thing we have to talk about when discussing this
new avatar of marijuana is the authority issuing this card. The process is
lengthy and involves filling up of multiple forms before you are approved a
medical marijuana card. This is why be vary of companies that issue the card
and give recommendations only over the phone. To be on the safe side, be wary
of very provider of this card, and do your research well before you choose the
issuing authority.  If you end up with a
counterfeit card, you can end up in jail, or you may have to pay a penalty.

What you should know

Medical marijuana card are issued by the Public Health
Department in each of the 16 States and DC that has approved medical marijuana.
After you give your doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana to the
department, they evaluate and then approve medical marijuana card for the

Cannabis Stocks

Cannabis stocks also known as marijuana stocks can be a good
investment for you. However, before you ride your horse, it is important to
mention that there is a fine line of difference between the legal and illegal
use of cannabis or marijuana. When marijuana is used for treating medical
conditions, it is known as medical marijuana, and this is where you can
invest–not for the illegal use of this plant as a drug.

Cannabis stocks are showing great potential, and many stock
holders are benefiting from investing in it. You can also be a stock holder in
a medical marijuana company or product.

Sooner or later, we all need to invest. Be it for
investment, long-term plans, to increase your blanket of money, or even for
environmental purposes, investment comes along as the most sensible thing to do
and it is the right thing to do. So, if you are ready to make the next leap,
you can seriously think about cannabis stock.

Research has shown that medical marijuana can help in the
treatment of many diseases like cancer, HIV, AIDS, migraine, glaucoma, multiple
sclerosis, cancer treatments that involves chemotherapy, strokes, eating
disorders, brain injuries caused by stroke, arthritis, etc. Because of its many
advantages, companies are coming up with medical marijuana products to help
patients get access to this plant. And this is where you can cash on. You don’t
have to be a patient to take advantage of the booming cannabis stocks.  If you start investing or buying cannabis
stocks, you will take the right step toward a good investment and enjoy its

Medical Marijuana Stocks

If you are into investments, you must have followed your
broker’s advice till the economic downturn. You invested where you were asked
to and things went well until the market was hit. It was difficult for you to
come out of the shock and disappointment because of how much you have lost.
Well, if you want to go for a safer bet and go for low risk investment, you may
want to look at medical marijuana stocks.

To make things easier for you there are many online websites
you can join for investing in medical marijuana stocks. All you need to do is
become a member of the site, and you will get emails with advice on the best
shares to buy. This is one of a couple of options these websites have in offer.
You can go through a credible website to learn more before you start putting
your trust and money on it.

Medical marijuana unlike marijuana is used for the treatment
of ailments and sicknesses like cancer, HIV or AIDS, glaucoma, brain damage from
stroke, chronic pains like backache, neck ache, arthritis, etc. Patients are
finally getting respite from their ordeals because of medical marijuana, and
this is why more doctors are recommending this treatment.

Because of the benefits, more and
more states are legalizing the use of medical marijuana. Today there are
licensed medical marijuana doctors, medical marijuana clinics, and medical
marijuana dispensaries that are there to cater to people suffering from various
ailments. About Medical Marijuana Stocks

When it comes to stocks, there are many things to consider.
There is no exact science that will be helpful in picking a stock. However,
there are things you can do while picking medical marijuana stocks.

When you look at stocks to pick up, concentrate on the
recent high percentage gains and do that for a couple of days. At the same time
find out about the company. Learn about its debt and assets. And to your own
research add the views of the professional analysts. This will help you know if
you are able to think the right way for your medical marijuana stocks. At the
need of the day you will learn as you go along, and you may at times find that your
analysis brings good result in contrast to a professional analyst. This is why
it is important to maintain a balance between the expert opinion and your knack
of nailing the stock.  

You must have heard of best penny stock picks. These are the
stock picks given by many analysts and are often emailed to you. But as an
investor, you must put in your own time so that you know where your money is

While researching on the stock picks, look at the industry
the company is in. Ask questions like if the industry has growth potential.
What is the strength of the customer base in this industry and company? How does
the company fare against its competitor?

These are some of the important

Cannabis Stocks for you

Cannabis Stocks are Hot Right Now

Are you wondering about the sensibility of investing or going for cannabis stocks? Here are some facts for you.

Today many medical marijuana dispensaries are functioning without arrests, which was not common in the past. This is because 16 states and DC  has legalized medical marijuana. So businesses that are into medical marijuana have a good future in these states.

Today there are schools with curriculum that offers classes on growing cannabis, etc. One of America’s first and premier cannabis college is Oaksterdam University. This university is trying to educate people on the things people can do and shouldn’t do with cannabis business. There are online options too for students interested in medical marijuana.

Then there are organizations that produce as well as display medical marijuana shows like trade shows. And going back to the medical marijuana dispensaries, they are picking up sales and many are making record sales because of the increase in the number of medical marijuana patients.  All these facts prove that medical marijuana has a great future and without doubt more and more states will give its consent and make it legal in the years to come. The advantages of medical marijuana has not gone unnoticed in the medical world, and this is why more and more licensed doctors are recommending patients to go for this treatment, which is again is based on their health condition. However, the point is that there are medical marijuana companies and products that are climbing the ladder of success, and this is why you see a boom in the cannabis stock. And if you are looking for a good source of making money, cannabis stock is where you should conce

Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Marijuana Stocks

Medical marijuana is a term that is used to differentiate the medical properties of this plant from its drug abuse that is illegal. Marijuana is credited to be useful is treating severe ailments like cancer, AIDS or HIV, glaucoma, seizures, aftereffects of chemotherapy like nausea, persistent, muscle spasms, etc. This plant has been found to be beneficial even for migraines and eating disorder.

These are some of the cases where medical marijuana can help you. If you suffer from any of these, you can go to a licensed medical marijuana doctor for recommendation. If the doctor finds you eligible for this treatment, he will give you a recommendation.

To be on the safe side of the law when you use medical marijuana, you must have a medical marijuana card. The 16 states and DC that has legalized medical marijuana have Public health Departments that accept and approve the doctor recommendations. On being approved you will be issued a medical marijuana card and the validity can range from 3 to 12 months. The renewal period or validity of the medical marijuana card will depend on the state that issues it.

The benefits of a medical marijuana card are:

  • You are legally using the plant
  • You will be protected from prosecution for using or possessing marijuana
  • You have the legal right to buy marijuana for your health issues from medical marijuana dispensaries in your state. You can also refill your prescriptions, if needed and under doctor’s recommendation, from these dispensaries.

There are websites that allow you to apply online to see if you are eligible for the medical marijuana card. Even if you decide to use the services of one of these websites, please be careful and research properly about the website.

Medical Marijuana Stocks and You

Cannabis Stocks Versus Marijuana Stocks

If you are interested in Medical Marijuana stocks, you must know about the hot penny stocks. Penny stocks are the stock picks given by experienced analysts. But merely getting the stock picks is not enough. You must do your own research so that you are aware where your money is going, and you will be more acclimatized to the medical marijuana stocks.

Start with doing an extensive research on the penny stock picks. Look at the industry the company you are interested in is from. Does the industry have potential? How large is the customer base in that industry? How does this particular company fare against its competitors? How old or new is the company? If the company has been around for a number of years, you will be able to check its performance for the past few years.

These are some of things you can look at, but please remember that the analysis based on these information will not guarantee a great return. Well, not always. It is seen that stocks that look poor on paper actually do very well  in the market. This sounds weird but it is the truth. This is how the stock market functions.  Since stock markets always involve some risks, penny stock alerts help you research on the stocks you need to pay attention to instead of looking at all of them. Ultimately, no matter how much help you get, it is finally up to you the investor, who can make the best decision.  If you starting new or are not comfortable with a large number of companies, then start with few companies. Once you know what you are doing and are comfortable with it, you can increase the number of companies and get