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We are excited to share our high unlisted stock picks for 2019, together with suggestions for each Canadian and U.S. cannabis stocks.

Our high North American country picks: cover, CannTrust, Next inexperienced Wave, TCAN, WAYLAND

Our top U.S. picks: suggest a basket approach together with variety of multi-state operators (“MSO”) and Charlotte’s net and KushCo. This Penny Stock Is On Fire | Get Alerts Today On This Stock‎ 

We look forward to hearing your feedback and to continued to supply unbiased analysis on the world within the year.

We continually break down our analysis by the Canadian and U.S. stocks thanks to the distinct options of the 2 markets. For details of however we tend to conduct our analysis, you’ll try our Investment Strategy Statement. The Canadian market is already absolutely legalized and firms try to build up production, fight for market share, and succeed profitableness. On the opposite hand, the U.S. market remains abundantly just like the West with extremely fragmented regional markets and continuing restrictive changes that would alter competitive landscapes nightlong. Thus, we expect cannabis investors must dissect their thinking into North American country vs. the U.S. so as to orient their cannabis portfolio construction.

  • high North American country Picks: cover, CannTrust, HEXO
  • Top U.S. Picks: Basket approach together with variety of multi-state operators (“MSO”) and Charlotte’s net and KushCo

Top North American country Picks

In Canada, we expect the trade landscape is extremely a lot of settled between most of the trade participants. the biggest players have established their market position through provincial provide agreements and production capacities through aggressive expansions timely. For newcomers, the barrier to entry is higher currently as a result of the Canadian market is anticipated to become oversupplied and there’s no guarantee that one are going to be able to secure market access for brand new productions. Ultimately, we expect the Canadian market can enter a stage of consolidation and elimination starting in 2019 whereby smaller corporations can progressively look to mix to urge larger and mixture resources.

Penny Stock Trading Alert Platform & Stock Tip App is trading platform that was designed especially to make certain that you pick the right penny shares in your investment choices. While many different competing services out there are busily blasting out several penny stocks so that you can hardly wrap your head round them all, Positive Stocks solely selections and sends out one advice per week, making it simpler to focus on the one and certainly attempt to make it work. OVERVIEW OF Positive Stocks It would not be an exaggeration to say that there has been a surge in hobby in trading penny shares these days. This is understandable, as these often tiny, with a bit of luck up and comers have an opportunity to make it honestly big. Investors like your self discover them clearly irresistible partly due to the fact whilst you can get into them with solely a small amount of cash invested and risked, your doable return may want to be enormous, each percentage smart and literally. The truth that there are huge risks involved with these little shares and buying and selling them does not appear to deter human beings a lot either. While picking some screaming winners can materially change your life and potentialities for retirement, choosing some of the overwhelming numbers that show to be losers can wipe out your investment in the one or greater that do not go off as planned. This is where a excellent penny inventory selecting carrier such as Positive Stocks enters the picture. They are that buying and selling device that was designed mainly to make sure that you choose the proper penny stocks in your investment choices.

While many other competing services out there are busily blasting out several penny shares so that you can hardly ever wrap your head around them all, Positive Stocks solely selections and sends out one suggestion per week, making it less difficult to center of attention on the one and actually try to make it work. WHY WAS Positive Stocks STARTED? Positive Stocks is the advent of Positive Phil, He developed this publication and stock selecting machine the use of his analytical and necessary wondering in order to make a private fortune in trading penny stocks. In this system, he sends out a weekly publication around the give up of each week. This comes with five pages of statistics and lookup on a single stock pick. He also offers updates on the choices that have been delivered in prior weeks with any updates on which ones ought to be offered and any others that have been referred to as however whose entry goals were not hit previously. This makes the publication a true investor’s guide, removing the infinite hours of research and supporting you to make investments without spending all of your time chained to a laptop computer.

Positive Phil himself turns out to be an exquisite self-made millionaire who possesses actually years of ride in trading the markets for himself personally. Now he both researches and analyzes the markets and numerous penny shares in order to provide advice on them to his household of subscribers. Because he shares his lookup with you his followers, you are in a position to learn the approaches that he does this so that you can work out investing for yourself. FEATURES OF Positive Stocks A pick out of the week – with solely one pick, you do no longer have to be involved about being overwhelmed by way of a ton of lookup that too many options would require from you. * Startup materials – includes a PDF start up guide, along with numerous unique educational videos. * In residence lookup – Nathan’s proprietary technical and crucial and research is both analytical and extensive, math- and science-based. He shares this research with you in the newsletters, so you know the groundwork of and reasoning behind his closing conclusion and recommendation.

SERVICES OFFERED BY Positive Stocks INVESTOR AWARENESS | INVESTOR RELATIONS HOW Positive Stocks WORKS Positive Phil has his artwork of selecting penny stocks down to a science. He carefully and absolutely appears into the corporations of the companies which he is actively considering.

He investigates their strategies, commercial enterprise plans, and common operations as well. This has him going past really thinking about the financials of the stock, and into the mannequin of the commercial enterprise itself. In the end, solely the strongest contender amongst his considered penny stocks remains standing. . Here is a chart from their website that indicates why tremendously small beneficial properties in terms of points and pennies with a penny stock can make such a large difference versus the identical beneficial properties in a stock like Apple would.

Positive Stocks does no longer provide any refer your buddies coverage as of time of the booklet of this review. At the one time costs they are charging for lifelong memberships with no renewing monthly charges, there is now not an awful lot they ought to provide to referring events in any case.

Why Penny Stocks

Why Penny Stocks ? Why now?

The penny stock market can be considered wild. Small cap securities exchange gets negative criticism. In the event that The share trading system were the USA, the Penny Securities exchange would be viewed as the Wild West. Numerous Financial specialists have fallen prey to the terrible bulletins, reckless organizations, manipulative market producers and then some.

So for what reason do we adore Penny Stocks?

Blue Chips are for Financial specialists. Penny Stocks are for TRADERS. Penny Stocks might be driven by promotion, news, specialized setups, and future guarantee. In this market, the more noteworthy the unpredictability, the more prominent potential for ENORMOUS Increases!

Think about this market like a Las Vegas Clubhouse. An accomplished Poker player benefits since he realizes when to strike and when to cut misfortunes. The equivalent is valid for Penny Stocks merchants. There is no uncertainty the Penny Securities exchange has transformed normal financial specialists into tycoons. There are 100%+ Picking up Mobilizes practically Every day. In any case, how would you discover them? That is the place we come in. At, you won’t hear us disclose to you that we’ll make you rich. FORGET Each one of THOSE Tricks AND GET RICH Plans! How you exchange and how you benefit is dependent ENTIRELY upon yourself.

Be that as it may, we as a whole need an edge and we as a whole need the devices. Our picks originate from long stretches of due perseverance and research from more than 20 years of consolidated exchanging background which give you the “heads up” on whats occurring. Allows simply state, we’re here to knock some people’s socks off In the city and find those concealed diamonds that frequently get neglected. So whats in it for us? Now and again, we will send publicized stocks in which we are redressed. This is the means by which we keep our administration for nothing out of pocket to supporters. Most pamphlets won’t reveal to you this… yet dislike “generally bulletins”.

Small Cap Investor Relations Firm Positive Stocks Launches Investor Awareness Podcast

Investor Awareness Consultant and CEO of, Discusses Recent Company Development

Investor Relations Firm for Small Cap Stocks Introduces the Positive Stocks Podcast Platform for Microcap Stocks. Meet the CEO’s of some of the most ambitious small cap public companies and influencers within and around the industry.


San Diego, (  – San Diego, Jan. 24, 2019 (IssueWire) —, , the premier financial information website for investors, announced today that the Company is featured in a new audio interview at

Our strategy is premised on both the experience and success garnished from assisting hundreds of publicly traded companies in perfecting their shareholder communications strategy. Often, companies find they are executing from a business standpoint but not receiving a market multiple which reflects the company’s achievements and future growth prospects.

Our team works closely with management to establish an effective and targeted shareholder outreach campaign, which includes properly packaging their story, establishing the appropriate expectations, and providing consistent transparency into the business. By introducing key market participants, the overall goal of these efforts should lead to increased corporate visibility, greater shareholder diversification and a market multiple consistent with comparables, as well the company’s specific growth prospects.

Our Investor Relations program is designed to achieve two objectives for our clients in a crowded and competitive financial market landscape:

1) To achieve visibility and exposure to high quality investors.

2) To be a trusted partner who provides sound advice, counsel and training and technology to maximize your public image, communication effectiveness and valuation.

We begin our due diligence process with a complete evaluation of our prospective clients business and sector, current market perceptions, technology and investor materials audit.   Positive Stocks  focuses on long term relationships with management teams we view as above average, who have their own capital at risk, with a solid business model and growth plan which are achievable. We play a critical role in our clients success as a public entity and covet above all things our reputation, therefore we screen our clients diligently. We believe this has led Positive Stocks to be a premium brand a significant value-add to our clients.

Positive Stocks provide its exclusive base of clients with a concierge of services to augment and expand upon management’s internal IR efforts.

Investor Relations Firm Positive Stocks Builds Investor Funnels for Public Companies.Building an Investor Base is much like sale – it is all a numbers game, and you need an investor funnel if you are going to achieve success.

Now Airing on Spotify, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, Spreaker, iTunes and Hundreds of other Digital Channels.

Successful Shareholder Acquisition Digital Marketing Campaigns

We’ll analyze your business, find the areas that need to be improved and come up with a game plan to boost your revenue. Before we start our engagement, We’ll use math to show you how much traffic we can drive to your company and how that visibility converts into sales or investment dollars.

1. We use written content around your companies industries to get people to see your company and your stock.

2. We also use this content to link build to your website to rank your website on industry specific keywords.

3. We use simple videos around your company to get people to see your company and you as an industry leader, Youtube is the 3rd largest search engine in the world. We also use these videos on a handful of other highly visited websites.

4. We write keyword specific content to get the word out about your company. There is a certain way a press releases or online content needs to be written to get the most people to see it online.

5. We have people on our staff that contacts blogs in the industry to get a built-in audience for your industry to learn about your company.

6. We have people on our staff that goes into investor forums to talk about your company and keep the conversation going.

7. Finally, we pay for traffic to your company and your stock using banner ads on investor sites and other sites related to finding investors for your stock. We also use paid traffic to bring you customers for your company.

All of the above services help to get your company found online which helps with finding your customers and investors for your company.

We strategically pick keywords, build and optimize your online infrastructure by creating content while building links around the terms your ideal buyers are searching for.

Demand Generation Strategies To Help Create Shareholder Bases

•Improves Liquidity
•Strengthens Market Valuation
•Raise Capital
•Create More Revenue
•Increase Sales

We are selective in the companies that we choose to represent. Engaging with companies that have super compelling stories, strong growth potential, near-term profitability, and superior management.

Positive Stocks offers strategic investor relations services to its clients using a variety of marketing strategies designed to communicate their clients’ company history and business plan to the appropriate institutional and retail investment professionals.

With in excess of 21,000 stocks in North America competing for investment dollars, Positive Stocks Consulting group knows that it is critical for your company to garner the attention necessary for you to achieve adequate valuations in the marketplace.

Positive Stocks Consulting group’s philosophy is that “investor relations is an ongoing project”. To that end, the company is relationship driven and results oriented. They strive to accomplish their goal of selecting the right clients for their services and concentrating their resources and efforts on only a limited number of high-quality clients.

By being highly selective of the clients they represent – companies with compelling stories, strong growth potential, near-term profitability, and superior management. – Positive Stocks is able to provide extraordinary service and deliver measurable results. If your company’s investment relations campaign could use a jumpstart, if you want to maximize shareholder value, consider Positive Stocks.

Positive Stocks is a syndicate of investor relations consultants representing several years of experience. Their network of consultants includes stockbrokers, investment bankers, fund managers, and institutions that are actively seeking opportunities in the micro,small and mid-cap equity markets.

In our industry, we saw an unfulfilled need that clients we no longer seeing massive visibility or exposure while dealing traditional public relations agencies.  Search engine results, social- media and a strong web presence matter now more than ever.

Media ContactSmall Cap Investor Relations Positive Stocksinfo@positivestocks.com8585927775701 Palomar Airport

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