6 Top Podcasts for Positive Entrepreneurs

6 Positive Podcasts For The Most Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Life is not a bed of roses and sometimes, the meandering turns of life can terribly bring you down. The negativity can often be a bit too much to deal with and this is why it is important to feed the mind and soul with optimism, positivity, and happiness. It is crucial to have your little happy place wherein you can seek support and solace among people who are there to have your back and uplift your spirit and mind with positive and radiant thoughts.

This is precisely where having a podcast or a radio show with uplifting stories and inspirational tales help a great deal. Here, we are going to talk of 6 positive podcasts which are meant for some of the most ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking to make a thumping mark. Each one of this podcast is bound to create a positive influence in your life and will trigger the best change.

1.      Good Life Project: What Should I Do With My Life? First, Do This.”

Are you a little confused about where your life is heading? Do you seem to be clueless about your career path? Well, this is surely the podcast for you as it will help you truly find the work which is bound to bring in the sense of fulfillment. It is important to do what you love and are passionate about. Do not chain yourself to mundane jobs that do not feed your soul.

With this mind-blowing podcast, be all set to discover what it is that your soul connects to and then find out the best way to ace it. Sometimes, it is the right set of words strum together that triggers the much-needed change in our body.

This podcast also introduces us to the brand new concept of “Sparketypes”. To give you food for thought, they are a tile a set of archetypes which we ultimately fit into based on the light and aura which we emit.

Definitely, it is an interesting and wonderful podcast you need to listen to align your soul and passion.

2.      Positive Phil: Inspiring Conversations Behind How People Grow Business, Movements, Ideas, And Civic Grace

If you feel that life has singled you out and saved all the troubles for you, think again. This is one of those podcasts wherein some of the most ambitious leaders end up sharing the setbacks they faced and how they mastered and championed the adversities to come out on top.

Often, it is these true tales which give you the impetus to navigate through the tough times and come out on top. This podcast encourages the growth of a community wherein people have each other’s back and help them build and grow together.

With this podcast, you are sure to grow and evolve and you will be able to not just become a big entrepreneur, but it is bound to leave everlasting and positive changes in your life as well.

3.      Kwik Brain: “How To Grow From Your Mistakes”

Another brilliant podcast from Jim Kwik, this one is best for all those who have messed up in their life once or even more. It is humane to make mistakes, it is easy to fail. What you truly need to do is rise from the ashes like a phoenix and build yourself the kind of empire which people can only marvel and admire.

So, in this podcast, learn the art of embracing your failure and learning from it to finally give it the shape of success. Apart from using his finest oratory skills and the best of pep talk; Kwik also outlines some of the simple yet powerful steps which you can implement so that you put your failures behind you and chart the way to your glory.

4.      The Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna Kutcher has this powerful podcast for every entrepreneur who wants to make it big without feeling like they are giving up on the simple pleasures and joys of life. You will be able to learn some of the new and innovative techniques and also get some of the most practical tips that can be applied in several different segments of life.

She even invites some of the prolific industry experts sometimes to share light on significant ideas and topics. Often, it is the master strokes by some of the genius in their domain that can help you get the wisdom you need to become the next icon.

Jenna had a profile career herself and she enjoys a massive fan following. No doubt listening to this podcast will bring about massive changes in the way you work and the output you get.

5.      Donald Miller: Building A StoryBrand

This podcast primarily focuses on building the brand’s story and the message which can help it connect with the customers and ring in good profits too. It is for all those entrepreneurs who are hungry for sales, profits, success, and numbers. It also offers the magical opportunity to meet like-minded entrepreneurs who are looking to carve a super brand too.

Your brand needs to stand out from the rest and it is when the brand sends a message or has a unique story that the customers will always be able to recall it easily. It is one of the tried and tested ways of creating an impression that lasts. Unravel some of the best techniques in this podcast.

Along with this, you will also get to learn several other valuable points too. The podcast also helps you deal with the struggling financial matters and reflects on ways by which you can maximize the net capacity and more.

6.      Creative Rebels

This podcast is hosted by the genius duo of David Speed and Adam Brazier. The main aim of this podcast is to truly inspire people to seek the talent which is inside them and help them monetize their talent and make a living out of it. They want the listeners to understand the real passion and put it to the productive and right use.

To add verity to their stories, they also invite people to the podcasts who have lived some incredible stories. These real-life accounts give the listeners the push to give themselves credit for the talent they hold and put their passion into work.

So, with these six of the top podcasts, you are sure to find the drive in your life. Anybody can do business, but to have a business empire that the world looks up to is something you should strive for.

Often, it is the carefully spoken words and the best of handpicked tales of people beating odds to win success which creates the befitting difference. There are tons of podcasts out there and sometimes you don’t even know where the next inspiration may come from, but knowing these top shows will help you at least get started.

Remember no dream is too big and you should truly believe in your dreams and chase them if you desire to succeed in life. So, start listening to one of these and more importantly, implement what you learn. We are sure; success is just about round the corner waiting to meet you!



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One Stock To Watch

TransCanna Holdings Continues to Execute

TransCanna Holdings Inc. (TCNAF) has been highly focused on the California cannabis market and we have been closely monitoring this opportunity. Last week, TransCanna Holdings executed a non-binding letter of intent (LOI) to acquire the business and assets of California-based Lyfted Farms, a licensed producer of premium cannabis that owns permanent state licenses for cultivation (nursery), cultivation (grow), and distribution.

Less than a week before announcing a LOI to acquire Lyfted, Transcanna Holdings executed a non-binding LOI to acquire the branding asset package of California-based Tres Ojos Naturals, d/b/a SolDaze. This agreement will enhance the company’s leverage to the California cannabis-infused product market as SolDaze produces cannabis-infused fruit snacks.

During the last year, SolDaze has recorded strong demand for its fruit-based, organic product line and it understands that it needs to expand in order to remain competitive. TransCanna offers SolDaze a platform to expand at its 196,000 sq. ft. facility and provides the necessary capital for immediate growth. We are bullish on the growth prospects associated with the increased scale at TransCanna’s state-of-the-art facility and will monitor how the team is able to execute on this.

Shortly before the SolDaze LOI was reported, TransCanna executed a non-binding LOI with Persuasion Brewing to create a division within TransCanna’s 196,000 sq. ft. facility to establish a Persuasion Brewing division, which will produce a variety of different CBD infusion non-alcoholic beers. During the last year, we have notice a major increase in the interest in cannabis-infused beverages and this represents a significant opportunity for the company.

TransCanna has been quietly building a massive California cannabis company and we will monitor how the team continues to execute. We would not be surprised if the company decided to expand into additional markets in the United States and believe that this could be a major catalyst. TransCanna is a company that has significant levers for growth and this is an opportunity to be monitoring.

Transcanna Holdings Featured on Positive Phil Podcast

Cannabis Public Company TransCanna Holdings Inc. Featured in Positive Phil Podcast & The Positive Stocks Network

July 21, 2019 08:30 ET | Source: Podcast Connector

San Diego,CA July 21, 2019 — via Spotify— TransCanna Holdings Inc.

(CSE:TCAN) (XETR:TH8) announces the availability of an audio podcast & press release with CEO Jim Pakulis discussing Cannabis Entrepreneurship, Company Milestones & Ambition.

The show is airing on over 200 digital channels including iHeart Media, Spotify,

Listen Now autoplay=true

Focused on connecting cannabis manufacturers with consumers, Jim Pakulis, CEO of TransCanna Holdings Inc. (CSE:TCAN) ( TCNAF ) shares how quality is the foundation of his vertically integrated cannabis company. Tune in to learn more about TransCanna’s upcoming developments and what they plan to do to ensure quality and consistency is consistently executed.

Canadian-listed cannabis player on opportunity in the California market

As California begins sales of recreational marijuana, Jim Pakulis speaks with Positive Phil about what it means for the Canadian-listed company with operations in the state. They are the makers of “Cannastrips” and high-grade oil products, and are considering getting into the retail side of the business.

The growth of the legal cannabis industry started with a scattershot approach. TransCanna is just one of many companies that have grown into the market from relatively small beginnings. Some began with entrepreneurs seeing a new industry within which to operate. Others were experienced cannabis cultivators moving from the illegal to the legal market. Still others were pharmaceutical companies dipping their toes into a new medicine and, from there, into the recreational industry.

The contrasting approaches of small innovative companies and larger efficient ones together create excellent value. That’s the point the cannabis industry is now approaching and that TranCanna’s acquisitions are a part of.

About TransCanna Holdings Inc.

TransCanna Holdings Inc. is a Canadian-based company focused on providing integrated branding, transportation and distribution services, through its wholly owned California subsidiaries, to a range of industries including the cannabis marketplace. For more information, visit the company’s website at

About The Positive Phil Show

Positive Phil is a portal dedicated to sharing inspiring and
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Positive Phil Podcast is a daily podcast hosted by Positive Phil.

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Positive Stocks

How To Market Your Company To Investors

Marketing Emerging-Growth and Startup Companies

As the saying goes, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. This phrase holds true not only for personal journeys but for businesses as well. There is no single business that has not started from scratch and all businesses, both big and small, can attest that the first 3-6 years of the business could be the hardest period in a business’ life cycle. During the first few years, start-up businesses start to build their reputation, muster potential customers and clients, create performance records and expand their networks to a greater extent. All of this requires proper marketing, product development and media exposure, which then requires ample funding and additional resources.

Emerging-growth companies are companies that have very high potential and can grow into a very strong business if nurtured properly. Usually, these are companies that introduce new ideas in the market and outplay established competitions by novelty and creativity in delivering their services. Companies that specialize in social media, science and technology, communications and other popular fields are considered emerging-growth if they offer new ideas and innovative solutions that are not yet fully explored in their business’ target niche. Investors usually search the market for emerging growth companies because they offer the possibility of high yields and profitable returns if guided properly in the right direction.

Where To Get Funding for Start-Up and Emerging Growth Companies?

Funding can come from many different sources and they also come with different risks. For an emerging-growth company, funding is usually a problem and full-scale market production of the goods and services cannot be done without ample capital in hand. As a safety precaution, a company must have a funding of twice as much its start-up capital in order to avoid undercapitalization. This basically means that if a business needs $100,000 to start, that business must have at least $200,000 in hand as a safeguard for the next 12-24 months of operation.

The problem is, some companies don’t have enough money to cover all its operational and developmental expenses especially if it is a start-up company with private funding. To solve this problem, companies look for funds in the form of shareholding, venture capital, seed money and other different ways. Each of these fund-raising options has its own pros and cons and careful deliberation should be made whenever a company enters into an agreement with the inventors that offer these funds.

Marketing Emerging-Growth and Startup Companies

Venture Capital

This kind of financial funding refers to the aid given by an venture investor to start-up businesses that have very high potential for growth but are too small or too inexperienced to successfully obtain bank loans. A venture investor is an investor that manages the pooled money of other people in a collective fund to be used for funding purposes. Under this funding system, an investor agrees to fund an emerging- growth business with a large amount of money in exchange for an ample amount of control over the company’s business plans and decisions. The venture capital and the owner jointly run the company and both parties profit from the gains and suffer from the losses during the course of the agreed partnership. The advantage in this kind of capital is quite obvious; an owner gets a large amount of money to spend for the company’s operational, research and expansion programs without the need to borrow from a bank. However, the owner gives up full independency and allows the venture capitalist to control and manage a significant part of the business operations.

Corporate Venturing

An alternative to the traditional venture capital, this kind of funding results to an alliance between a larger, more established business and a start-up company that is too small for a full take-off. Typically, the larger company directly invests its resources and capital to the smaller company. These companies usually work on a related business field where their venture is centered and both companies share the risks and rewards that may possibly arise during the course of the scheme. The advantage in this venture is the access given by the larger company to its resources and distribution channels. The smaller company is treated like a smaller “brother” and is given ample support to fully realize its market potential.

Angel Investors

Angel investors are almost the same as venture investors in the way they lend money for start-up businesses. However, angel investors invest their own funds unlike venture investors who manage a pool of money to be used for business funding. Angel investors are usually very affluent individuals and they will provide capital in exchange for a fraction of the company’s ownership, convertible debt or high yield returns. Typically, angel investors will ask for a return of at least 10 times of the original investment in a 5-7 year time span.

Crowd funding

Crowd funding is a collective funding cooperation that is created by people who pool in their resources and capital to support efforts and possibly start-up business ventures. Crowd funding is a very low risk source of fund because crowd-funders do not impose strict guidelines and company takeovers unlike banks and private investors. The problem with this type of capital is the low amount of funding available and the specific industries that the crowd-funders support. If the company’s venture does not lie in the interest of the crowd-funders, it is very hard to secure a capital from the crowd investors.

Public Trade

Some private companies find publicly trading as an effective way to secure capital for expansion purposes. A company that undergoes public trade offers its stocks, bonds and other securities up for sale to the public. This kind of practice is also called “over-the-counter investment” and can yield very high or very low results depending on the market trend. Because it is very easy to secure funding from this kind of setup, most owners find this as a way to quickly gain needed funds. Unfortunately, because the company is publicly owned, financial statements and inside information are subject for scrutiny. All information must be publicly disclosed and the trends in the market might quickly affect the stability of a publicly traded company.

Private versus Private

There are many advantages and disadvantages between public and private companies. As funding becomes harder and harder to secure these days, private companies look to the possibility of going public as a way to gain access to bigger funds. Private companies also have limitations when it comes to marketing its products; only public companies may market, promote and advertise themselves and their performance records to the public. Private companies may also market their products but only in a limited network and in a very restricted manner. Hedge funds (private funds) can only promote themselves to other companies and institutions that they have a pre-existing relationship with. Because of this restriction, marketing for hedge funds are typically much harder compared to publicly-traded funds.

Public companies, although they can market and promote freely and without any restrictions, are subject to many government requirements and scrutiny from financial analysts. Because the company is being sold publicly, it is mandatory that public companies submit financial records, business status and other inside information to the general public.

Going public also has certain setbacks especially for the owner of the company. Because investors and stock holders want to see the value of their investments grow, business decisions and endeavors are most of the time hampered to give way to the sentiments of the general public. Long-term business plans are not implemented and the company is forced to address the issue of increasing the value of its stocks instead of developing the business itself.

This is where Positive Stocks can help you!

Positive Stocks is a group of investor relations consultants representing years of experience. Our network consists of stock brokers, investment bankers, fund managers, and institutions that actively seek opportunities in the micro and small-cap equity markets. We have models that employ a variety of conventional and non-conventional programs to communicate your company’s story and increase your exposure in the micro and small-cap equity markets.

Our Services

The Positive Stocks Consulting philosophy believes that investor relations is an ongoing project. We are relationship-driven and results-oriented. Our goal is to select the right people and to concentrate our resources and efforts to serve a limited number of high quality clients. We provide ongoing reports reflecting measurable results and a full range of investor relations services. These include presentation development, corporate profiles, fact sheets, and press releases. Innovative and aggressive marketing programs are designed and implemented to utilize a multi media approach in communicating your company’s history and business plan to the appropriate institutional professionals. Our experience has proven that an initial media awareness campaign should continue for at least six months to achieve maximum results.