Breaking News: Anonymous Intelligence Company Provides Beta Waitlist Update

Anonymous Intelligence Company Inc. (CSE: ANON) (OTC: ANICF), a leading technology company specializing in computational intelligence, decentralized networks, and data privacy solutions, is delighted to share the successful demonstration of its latest AI curation app, “” This groundbreaking app brings users “Confidence in their Pocket” through its privacy-focused AI capabilities and extensive feature set. Additionally, the Company is thrilled to announce that it has received an overwhelming response, with over 31,000 signups eagerly awaiting the pending Beta release.

Lucas Russell, CEO, comments, “The continued support and market want for the product is very exciting to the whole team. We continue to adapt to a larger target beta launch as we develop the product as quickly as possible. We are excited for launch in the near future.”

Exciting Update: Live Demonstration of Enterprise AI Platform Scheduled for June 21!

ANON announced that their target acquisition,, will be providing a live demonstration of their cutting-edge Enterprise AI platform. As we eagerly anticipate this event on June 21, we invite you to sign up for the beta of our platform at Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the future of AI firsthand!

Anonymous Intelligence Company Inc. is a leading technology company specializing in computational intelligence, decentralized networks, and data privacy solutions. With a focus on leveraging its proprietary suite of AI and privacy-enabled products, the company aims to empower consumers and businesses alike, instilling increased confidence in technology. Anonymous Intelligence Company is committed to developing innovative solutions that harness the power of advanced intelligence capabilities to provide unparalleled insights and a competitive advantage in the market. Through their cutting-edge technologies and robust data analysis, they strive to revolutionize the way businesses leverage intelligence for success.

Forward-Looking Statements

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