Two Micro-Cap Energy Stocks That May Rebound


Are you a Stock Market player that likes buying stocks when they are down? I once met someone who would always look for stocks at their lowest point and buy them if the company looked decent. He did well.

Why would he do this? Well, the concept was that since the stock went down so much, it would be easy to catch a 5-10% rebound. For instance, if the stock was once at $2, but is now at $0.30, it simply needs to go back to $0.40 for a whopping 25% gain.

With that in mind, here are two micro-cap stocks in the Energy sector that have hit a 52-week low or are hovering right around them. As always, research any stock before playing.

Aspen Group Resources Corp (ASRPF) – This stock is trading at .10 per share on the OTC. The volume is only 5,000, so there’s not much action. It’s at its 52-week low. The 52-week high was last year in June when it hit $.45 per share.

Ness Energy Intl Inc (NESS) – NESS was trading around 6 cents per share, which is close to its 52-week low. The 52-week high is 20 cents per share. The stock is fairly active at 225,000 shares per day on average. The stock price is down 42% on the year.

The stock market is full of stocks, just like these two. As always, do your research. With many stocks, there’s a reason why they go down and they may never come back up at all. These two stocks–as are most micro-cap stocks–are highly speculative.


Source by Jason Martin

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