What Makes the Stock Market Crash?


Back in 2008, everyone in the United States of America experienced a stock market crash due to financial sector and housing market. This was manipulated on multiple occasions, and this is going on today. One discusses how the elites in the world are those controlling it, which is how it crashes multiple times, and very soon this can and will happen again.

The reason the stock market crashed back in 1929 was so that the central banks, and as everyone knows it as the “Federal Reserve” to get established. This was known as the “Great Depression.” Since then, things have not changed. In fact, they have continuously become worst, and 2008 is one example. Did one know that in 2001 on September 11th that a mini crash occurred then too? Yes, and this did happen. The purpose of this taking place each time was to bring in the “New World Order;” however, this is not new at all, and Noah experienced it 4,000 years ago. The difference between then and now is that it is a means of bringing out the mark of the beast as demonstrated in Revelation 13 for those who choose to follow Satan instead of Jesus Christ. These days will continue to get perilous, and evil loves to repeat itself because of not learning from history, so now everyone is doomed to repeat it with much intensity.

Now one may ask, “Why are the elite (rich) able to control the finances in the world through economic factors? This is because they choose to worship Satan and his minions, rather than the true Creator of the entire universe. At this point, an individual should question the Department of Homeland Security along with all government entities. Is there purpose here to help or harm? Obviously, the answer is to destroy all of mankind. Why? They love death.

What a person can do now is to stock up on gold and silver as much as possible because time is about up, literally. This will enable the person to resist the tyranny and darkness that is unfolding on the Earth, and he or she is able to buy or sell without having to take the mark. Yes, chaos will engulf the world because of the very soon stock market crash; however, one’s reaction is priceless. Instead of reacting, one should consider becoming proactive against evil by speaking out against it; however, very few have done that today, and the question is, “Who will rise up to the challenge?” Now is the time to act with integrity as spiritual and physical war grows, and to make a decision on which side in which to behave.


Source by Dr. Elizabeth Mattke

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